Clearing & Forwarding Services offered by 4PL
Import & Export Customs Clearing
(We are fully accredited with SARS)
All goods entering into or departing from South Africa require customs clearing. We are able to provide a swift customs clearing service at competitive rates. With our online system we are linked via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to Customs. Our team is fully geared to take care of all customs procedures as is required by our Customers to suit their needs.

The benefits of EDI are as follows:
Pre-clearing of documents in a shorter time frame with higher levels of accuracy
Cost reduction due to less administration and less errors
Increased Cash Flow due to faster turn-around times
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Advice on Tariff Issues
4PL Cape Clearing and forwarding through its direct link to EDI has the following:

Daily updated Electronic Customs Tariff's
Daily updated Electronic Rates of Exchange
General updates regarding amendments on duties, excise and vat.
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Tariff Determinations
Proper classification of goods, under the correct tariff heading code in order to prevent costly penalties associated with incorrect classification payable to Customs.
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VAT, Duty & Provisional Payments Refund Administration
Process Customs refunds:

Application on behalf of Customers
Monitor and administer the Customs refund & Provisional Payments register to ensure monies are refunded back to the clients.
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Custom Audits
The process of verifying the compliance of a business with the relevant legislation and revenue requirements through an examination of the accounts and other records of the business.
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International Ocean Freight Forwarding
The Handling of your Full Container Load (FCL), Less than Container Load (LCL) & Break bulk cargo shipments - we will move your cargo in the most effective and efficient manner possible.
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International Air Freight Forwarding
Our airfreight import and export division will monitor your consignment throughout the transport chain from collection to the end-user, including all the customs procedures.
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Regional Road & Rail Forwarding
4PL Cape Clearing & Forwarding, provides a complete solution for cargo countrywide and over border transportation of containerized and break-bulk cargo by road and rail. The Forwarding of Cargo, ex-port to port, warehouse to port or warehouse to warehouse. We ensure that the movement of containers and loose goods between respective pick-up and delivery points are monitored daily and our clientele is kept up to date daily with a Tracking Report on the whereabouts of their goods.
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Inter Africa Freight Forwarding
We are able to offer our customers with reliable Professional Agents, and provide you with peace of mind that the cargo has been entrusted to responsible agents who will speed up the transit process.
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